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Lockout and Other Methods 

Have you documented your procedures for lockout and other methods ?  Are you aware that tasks that are routine, repetitive and integral to production may be exempt from traditional lockout ? Attend this session to understand how these and other key components can help you develop an effective hazardous energy control program in your workplace.

Session Highlights

  • Learn how to identify, evaluate and assess tasks to determine if they can be performed safely using control methods other than lockout 
  • In-depth look at the CSA Z460-2020 : Control of Hazardous Energy � Lockout and other methods and OHSA Reg. 851
  • Pre and Post training knowledge confirmation exercise via Kahoot .. play along on your phone or PC and try to crack the top 3 !!

Session Details
4 hrs
Cost / Person

Delivery :  Web based ; Instructor Lead
Target Audience :  Designers, Integrators, Users, PSR Engineers, Safety Professionals

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