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Risk Assessment

A Practical Approach

This session is designed to take the mystery out of the risk assessment process. It will provide attendees with a practical approach to identifying and controlling the hazards associated with industrial robots and the auxiliary equipment supporting them.

Session Highlights

  • The instructor will lead participants through the risk assessment process from design stage to final commissioning.
    - Collaborative and traditional (i.e., non collaborative) robot applications will be the subject matter. 
  • Two separate methodologies will be utilized in this session.
    - Robotics Industries Association (RIA) TR R15.306-2016 : Task-based Risk Assessment Methodology.
    - ANSI B11.0 2020 : Safety of Machinery
  • Pre and Post training knowledge confirmation exercise via Kahoot .. play along on your phone or PC and try to crack the top 3!!

Session Details
4 hrs
Cost / Person

Delivery :  Web based ; Instructor Lead
Target Audience :  Designers, Manufacturers, Integrators, Users, PSR Engineers, Safety Professionals

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